Getting a good ranking at Technorati

At Money Online, I found an interesting article about an auto fave program for Technorati. She says, "If you want to move up in Technorati there are 2 ways to get there: gaining massive amounts of links to you from other blogs, or getting the most favourites.

Add to Technorati Favorites

One way to do this is to add a lot of blogs to your "technorati favorites" and then hope that they (or ask them to) fav you in return. Obviously, if you do this, it's important to also return the favor. Here's a supercool autofave program from Eng Tech that does this automatically. If someone favorites you, they are automatically favorited in return.

Here's a diagram of how it works:

You can grab the program here [2.4MB].


I have been having some trouble with "illegal clicks" on one of my blogs. I cannot figure out who what or why this is happening, but it has led me down some interesting pathways.

I have not been banned, nor have any of my websites been banned by Google, but I am taking no chances and have pulled all the Google ads from that site, and have been looking at different ways to monetize.

BidVertiser looks to be a good alternative. I'm really trying to keep the design here clean... but if I keep finding more and more ways to monetize.. well... I guess a certain amount of crass commercialism will be the expected result.

Here's what it looks like:

Monetizing with Shopzilla

In my never ending search for cool ways to monetize my blogs, I came across

Something like this is especially good for blogs and web sites with a tight niche market because you can be really specific with your ads.

For example, you could narrow it down to "laptop computers" and come up with a nifty advertisement like this:

Or if you like banners, you could have a nice colorful one like this.

Auction Ads

I signed up with Auction Ads tonight, it was really simple and easy. Here's how it works:

  • Sign up to be an AuctionAds publisher.
  • Insert their ad code on your web site.
  • Place place auction ads targeted to your content on your site.
  • Users buy products they're interested in and you make money.

I'm not sure why, but the ads won't show up if I put the html into this blog post. So I have the ebay auction ads towards the bottom of the page. I am currently using the key words "office supplies; movies". As time goes by, I may change those key words. So, if you're curious to see what the ads look like, scroll down and take a look. You can't miss it. It's pretty big!

If you are interested in putting Auction Ads on your own site, click on the link on the ad. That way, I'll get a little something for it :)

My online poster store!

Here is a great way to make some extra money with your blog or website!

Webmasters Make $$$
Webmasters Make $$$

After creating my affiliate account, I was able to create this cool little online poster shop. It was really easy, and the color scheme can be customised to blend with any website. The only trick now is to figure out how to place the store where people will actually browse through it and buy from it

Now that's really cool, isn't it?

Net Hustlin

I found this really cool blog tonight called Net Hustlin. It is chock full of really good information on how to make money online. The blog is written and researched by Crystal, a 21 year old student from New Jersey, (View her complete profile). Here are links to some of her posts - go check it out.

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Amazon Mechanical Turk
Become a Hired Forum Writer
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Mylot: It's Like Myspace With Money
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Make money giving advice
10 Free Promotion Ideas
Dropshipping Tips
Pay Per Post
Make Money For Your Pictures
How To Spot Internet Scams
Get Paid to Post In Forums
Get Paid for Video Sharing
Easy Freelance Writing

Visitor Map

I found a nifty little blog enhancement today. This is what it looks like:

You've been marked on my visitor map!

What's really cool is that you can customize the map to fit your site perfectly. You can specify the size and even upload a custom background. Plus there are a number of premade maps in various colors.

Cool huh?


My experience over at Blog Catalogue has been great. I've found all sorts of really great resources and the response from the people there has been great! So much so, that I have been buried in "networking fun", and haven't had time to get all the cool stuff posted. If you have blogs that you want to promote, I definitely recommend it.

I have also been doing quite a bit of networking over at Zaadz, making friends there and visiting their blogs and sites. If you are interested in positive thinking, changing the world, spirituality, and stuff like that, I think you will find Zaadz to be a great place to meet new people and promote your own ideas etc.

What I have discovered, however, about networking is that it takes time. And if you want to make contact with people, it's important to actually look at what they have to offer and comment on it. And it's important also to stay on top of all the places you have left comments so that if there is a reply to you... or a question to you... you'll know and can answer it.

Networking on the web is like having conversations with lots of people, in lots of different places, all at the same time - and all at different times. It can be very overwhelming. So ... my advice would be. Start slow, go for quality over quantity. Over time the quantity will grow.

Blog Catalogue

Today, I found this nifty little website - blogging service - called Blog Catalogue.

It provides yet another way to get your blogs out where people can see them, and it also has some nifty little blog enhancers like widgets that create a small image gallery of blog visitors, and a message board.

It's easy to customize the widgets to match your site colors, with a preview and a color box to click on, nothing complicated and you don't have to "know" html to use it.

It's free to sign up, and user friendly. It's even got a small "vote for my site" button. I installed one in my sidebar. Go click on it and vote for me!

A Shout Box

So here is something cool I found at ShoutMix. It's a free little widget that allows visitors to chat with one another while on your site.

This is the one I made, currently it's on the prosperity project. But later, I might move it to a different site. I might even put it on all my blogs and websites and possibly stimulate some really interesting conversations. I haven't decided what I will do with it yet. It is cool, isn't it?

Free shoutbox @ ShoutMix

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