Money Making Idea #1

Get a bunch of stuff for free and sell it on Craig's list, eBay, in a garage sale, or at a flea market. Better yet - GET PAID pick up that free stuff, and then get paid again when you sell it.

The requirements for this one are time and energy, plus a little bit of courage. Here's the basic premise:

Here in America, we live in a consumer society. Consumer societies tend to have two characteristics:
  1. We tend to be wasteful. We often buy stuff we don't need. That's because we often buy things based on our emotion, rather than our intellect.
  2. We also tend to be either lazy or busy. This means that after we've bought stuff we don't really need, we tend to be too lazy or too busy to dispose of them in the right way. The right way to dispose our excess stuff would, of course, be to sell or recycle it. But most of us don't do either thing.

For proof, look in our landfills. Our landfills are overflowing with useful stuff that people bought on impulse. For even more proof, look inside the average American's garage. The average garage is literally overflowing with stuff that the owners have even forgotten they have.

And know what? Our landfills and our garages are two of our biggest eyesores! Everyone is complaining about them. But hardly anyone is doing anything about them.

And this is where you come in. You can use this quick insight into consumerism by making tons of money for yourself without hardly spending any money out of your own pocket. Here's the strategy:

Put together a service that helps people get rid of all the stuff they've piled up! Tune in tomorrow for great tips and tricks on how to get started doing just that.

Cash Flow Ideas for the Financially Challenged

You can get practically anything in this world with very little or even no cash up front. All it takes is a little work, a little courage, and some really good ideas. I am going to be posting a number of really good tips and tricks over the next several weeks. So, bookmark this site, and get ready for a quick infusion of cash flow ideas.

Most people remain unfulfilled in life because of money problems. Either they don't have enough money. Or they don't have enough savings. Or they don't have any collateral. Or they have lousy credit ratings. Sound familiar?

I have stumbled onto a little goldmine of great ideas. Ideas that don't require an investment of money. Ideas that only require persistence and enthusiasm. Both of which, at least the last time I checked, are free and available to anyone anywhere at any time.

Sound too good to be true? Think about this:

Gillette, the razor company, started in 1903 from literally nothing. All that the founder of Gillette had was an idea and a pencil. Today, his company is worth millions and going strong. What was the initial investment of the founder? Just one quarter.

Henry Heinz started his company with just a dime. Nothing clever or imaginative. He started with the output of a family garden, reinvested his profits and thus, literally made his company grow from ten cents to $10 billion.

Here are some other business that were started with little or no money to back them up: Hallmark Cards, Ford Motor Company, Hewlett Packard, Nike, Estee Lauder, Disney Studios, and Mattel. Think about Google, eBay, eHow, and others. Yes. It can be done!

Create Content - Make Money

Here's an idea! I happened on to a website that will post your articles and pay you royalties on any ads that get clicked on. It's Triond. Here's how it works:
  1. You create interesting content and submit it.
  2. They publish your content on appropriate websites.
  3. You earn royalties.

Sounds pretty simple. It's easy to sign up, and best of all it costs nothing. I found it through a comment left at As Within. This blog rarely gets looked at, much less commented on - even though I think it's by far my most inspiring one. So when someone left a comment, I was totally surprised, and checked out her profile. What I found was a blog, Journey of a Spirited Strider, with teasers and links to posts she had written on other sites.

What a cool way to stimulate traffic to your content! It might even be a really good way to create income from my dog training experience.

Social Bookmarking Made Easy

Here is a nifty widget from Add This which makes social bookmarking easy, and it cleans up the clutter that can accumulate below your blog posts. It's free, and it's easy to do.

They have 2 styles, their newest style has a dropdown menu. I liked it best, and so it's the one I added here. The older version is a button that looks the same, but doesn't have the cool drop down feature.

The widget also comes with free stats showing what your visitors bookmark on your website, and how often.

A nifty notepad widget

Here is a nifty little Poodwaddle notepad widget for your blog or website. What a neat way to allow your visitors to take notes while they visit your site. Go ahead and try it. You know you want to!

Need a calculater on your site?

Here is a nifty little calculator widget! I can think of lots of ways this could come in handy on a blog or website, how about you?

One Awesome Clock!

Here is one awesome clock. If you are blogging about environmental issues, or about health issues - this clock could be a great way to highlight your message. Not only that, but it's fascinating to watch!

Get a virtual pet for your website or blog!

It's a virtual tiger! I think he's kinda cute, don't you? If you click on the "more" button you can get food out and if you put the steak by his mouth and click, he'll take a bite out of it. LOL.

There are lots of different options, you can even have a pair of scissors for a pet! You can choose the color, the name, and a few other things. It's the kind of thing that would be great for a blog that children might enjoy visiting.

A Farbtastic Widget for Choosing Colors

I don't know about you, but when I am trying to put a template together, or a color scheme for a web page, I never can remember the numbers of the colors. So I find myself running back and forth between Adobe Photoshop and my template page, fiddling around trying to get the numbers of the colors. It can be frustrating and time consuming. And now, I have found the perfect solution! It's the Farbtastic Widget from widgetbox. Is this nifty or what? Just put it in the side bar of your blog, and there it is - always available and easy to use.

Color Picking Widget

This delightful little widget will help you to pick coordinating colors from an image. This is a great tool for creating a theme around an image for a website or blog. It's also really fun to play around with. Go ahead, fiddle with it. Isn't it cool?

Color Coordinating Widget

Here is a nifty widget I found at widgetbox. If you have a blog about web design, fashion, art, or anything involving choosing and coordinating color - this is the widget for you. Check it out! Play with it. And then go get one of your own.

Widgets from Alexa

At Alexa, you can find some nifty ranking and traffic widgets. If you have impressive (or even just pretty good) stats, this is a great way to show them off. If someone clicks on the widget, they are taken to your stat page at Alexa.

They even offer a Traffic Graph. You can enter up to 3 sites, and see a side by side comparison of their traffic, ranking, and page view stats. For this one, the chosen sites have to be in the top 100,000.

None of my blogs come anywhere near to being in the top 100,000. But I thought it might be interesting to compare My Blog Log, Blog Catalog, and Blog Rush. Here is what that widget looked like. (I wanted to insert the widget itself into this post, but it doesn't seem to work, the java scripting must be incompatible - so I had to settle for a picture of it.)

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