Happy St Patrick's Day!

EZ Banners and Buttons

I found a cool site called Image Chef and in about 3 minutes was able to create this cool banner. The whole process was so easy that I thought it might be something good to share. Here's the banner I made. Nifty isn't it?

ImageChef Custom Images

You can either get the code that links back to Image Chef, or you can save the image to your computer. It could then be cropped and/or resized to fit into a smaller space - and might be useful for a number of different things.

The Prosperity ProjectFor example, this nice little banner is also a link to The Prosperity Project.

How did I do that? I cropped the banner, resized it to 200 pixels wide, and then uploaded it into this blog post as an image. I then clicked on the "html tab" (right next to the "compose" tab) and did a little editing. Here's how: When blogger uploads an image, it uploads 2 urls. One is prefaced with a href= the other is prefaced with src=" The second one is the link to the actual image that you see on the page, don't change that one.

The first one, the one that follows the a href=" is the one you want to change. Be sure not to erase the little quotation marks before and after. Also, remember to include the http:// Replace the blogger url with the url to your link. In this case, it would be http://theprosperityproject.blogspot.com instead of http://bp1.blogger.com/ _D8VwTKAphks/ R91TRUSVfCI/AAAAAAAAHxk/ q3mulh8h8Sw/s200/tiny-banner.jpg

If you want the link to come up in a new window, add this phrase target="_blank" after your link.

Mine looks like this:
"http://theprosperityproject.blogspot.com/" target="_blank". When you do the editing, you'll see little things that look like < and >, be sure not to erase them by accident.

For good SEO, and if you really want to get fancy, you can "caption" your picture link by finding (in the html) this little phrase alt="" All you have to do is type between the " and the " whatever it is that you want the image to say if someone hovers their mouse over it. In this case, I typed in The Prosperity Project. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, hover your mouse over the big banner, you'll see that it says ImageChef Custom Images. Now hover your mouse over the little banner. It should say The Prosperity Project.

So, this is how I make image links without having to write or remember anything too complicated. I am no expert, nor do I have much experience with non-blogger blogs. But if you have any problems, just leave me a question or a comment and I'll see what I can do to help. Have a great day!

Wow! Awards!

The first time I got an award for one of my blogs, I was hugely impressed and really excited. Since then, I've managed to collect a few more. If you like receiving awards, it's not too hard to begin to collect them - all it requires is that you spend time every day visiting and commenting on blogs that you enjoy reading.

Here's a great example of a blog award success story: Bob, over at Black Holes and Astrostuff has managed to collect an impressive array of awards. He has a really nice blog, with lots of interesting information and the awards are well deserved. In addition to that, he is really great about visiting and commenting on the blogs belonging to his own visitors, as well as the people who leave him positive feedback at blog catalog. Pretty soon, you begin to feel as if you know him personally. Naturally, when an award opportunity presents itself, he's the first person you think of.

Why even care about awards? Aside from the obvious ego boost, the giving and receiving of awards is a great way to accumulate links and incoming traffic. The way it usually works is that the person giving the award blogs it. They say nice stuff about your blog and provide a link to your site. They then leave you a message telling you that you've received an award... and to come and pick it up. This stimulates traffic (from award recipients) back to their site. When you collect your award, it's customary to blog about it and this creates a link back to the giver of the award. You then are encouraged to find other deserving bloggers and pass the award on to them. So, you can see how it builds links and traffic.

If no awards seem forthcoming, you could always create one of your own and pass it around. All you need is an idea for a cute little graphic, a title for the award.... for example... here's one I came up with, feel free to grab the image and pass it on:

    And, while I'm thinking about it, this seems like a pretty good time to pass this award on to some of the blogs that I think are absolutely yummy!

    I have not been very good about following through on awards... here are the ones I have received for my various blogs, and I'm sorry to say that it's been a while since I got those awards, and cannot now remember who they came from. I'm sorry you guys! I'll try to do better!

      Mandala Madness

      More Cool Pictures

      Way Cool Pictures

      My First Check From Google

      Here's something cool! My very first check from Google is winging its way to me. It took me 1 year and 4 months to make $103.00 with Google Adsense. But get this !! Already, just in the months of February and March - that's only a month and a half - I have accumulated $42.00. WOW! Is that cool or what? I am so excited! All my hard work is finally beginning to pay off. So, don't be discouraged. Build it and they will come. Make it interesting, and they will come again. Preservere and money will follow!

      Ask The Plumber Guy!

      The Plumber Guy

      Ask any how-to question, and get an immediate answer from The Plumber Guy! It doesn't even have to be a plumbing question... this guy is great with how to fix just about anything! Go on... you know you want to... ask him a question.
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