Making Cool Stuff at Cafe Press

I have recently been enjoying making cool stuff at cafe press. This is probably the simplest way I know to sell your art online. You probably won't make a ton of money - but compared to the labor intensive - pocketbook breaking ordeal of art fairs and local shows, not to mention the potentially humiliating experience of gallery owners who  turn up their noses at your cool stuff - well, for me it's a no brainer.

All I have to do is come up with a sharp, high resolution graphic of art that I've made. Then it's a simple process to upload it to cafe press where I can put my art on everything from framed prints and calendars to mugs, mouse pads and stickers. And people have been buying! How cool is that?

Check this out, it's a recent email from Cafe Press:

Hi from!

You've made a sale! Way to go!
Here is a summary of the items you sold:

1 x Flower Peace - Daydream Necklace Circle Charm
Retail Price:    $15.60 each
Markup:          $1.56 each
Earned:          $1.56 total (Sales Source: Marketplace)

Log in to your account at and check out your Sales Report to see more info. Thank you for your contributions to the community and keep up the good work!
Happy Selling!


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